The Guide

Translation of Nettipakaraṇa

Tr. Ven. Ñāṇamoli, 1962, 1977

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Treatise setting out methods for interpreting and explaining canonical texts, similar in content to the Peṭakopadesa and used by Buddhaghosa and other commentators. (Possibly 1st century B.C.E.)

ed. E. Hardy, 1902, 1961, 1995

Non-Canonical Texts & their Translations

Pāli Title   English Translation   Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha and Abhidhammatthavibhāvinī-ṭīkā Summary of the Topics of Abhidhamma and Exposition of the Topics of Abhidhamma; Compendium of Philosophy Bhesajjamañjūsā The Casket of Medicine Cūlavaṃsa Cūlavaṃsa (translation) Bhesajjamañjūsā The Casket of Medicine Dasabodhisattuppattikathā The Birth Stories of the Ten Bodhisattas (translation published together with the text) Dīpavaṃsa Dīpavaṃsa (translation …