Current Projects in Pali Studies

On these pages the Pali Text Society tries to maintain a list of scholarly projects related to the study of Pali to facilitate communiction and collaboration between scholars and to help avoid duplication of research.  Scholars working on editions and translations of Pali texts, and linguistic Pali studies are invited to email a short statement of their work to the Pali Text Society at

Projects supported by the Pali Text Society

  1. A Dictionary of Pāli. Dr Martin Straube (Research Fellow in Pali Lexicography) is preparing the fourth (and final) volume. He can be contacted by email at
  2. Kalyāṇī inscription. The Pali text and translation is being prepared by Jason Carbine. Completion is expected in 2025.
  3. Apadāna. Dr Chris Clark (University of Sydney) is working on a critical edition and translation.
  4. Cariyāpiṭaka commentary. A translation of the text and its commentary by the late Dr Peter Masefield is being prepared for publication by the Pali Text Society. Completion is expected by mid 2024.
  5. Abhidhammatthavibhavinī. Rupert Gethin is working on a revised edition of Saddhatissa’s 1988 edition. Completion is expected by the end of 2025.
  6. Kaṅkhāvītaraṇī translation: Overcoming Doubts. Dr Petra Kieffer-Pülz and Dr  Pruitt are working on completing and revising the late K.R. Norman’s draft translation. (The first volume of this translation was published in 2018.) Completion is expected in 2025.
  7. Vidaddhamukhamaṇḍana and commentary. Dr Javier Schnake and Professor Nalini Balbir are preparing a critical edition and translation of this Pali handbook of learned riddles. Completion is expected by the end of 2025.
  8. Nikāyasaṅgrahaya. A new edition and translation of Dharmakīrti’s 14th century Sinhala history of Buddhiis being prepared by Professor Sven Bretfeld. Completion is expected by the end of 2024.
  9. Vessantaradīpanī. A critical edition is being prepared by Dr Yukio Yamanaka.

Other projects in Pali studies

  1. Grégory Kourilsky (EFEO) is researching the work of Sirimangala, a scholarly monk of 16th century Lanna (present-day northern Thailand). In particular, he is preparing a critical edition of the Maṅgalatthadīpanī, a monumental work composed in 1524.
  2. Christian Lammerts and Petra Kieffer-Pülz are preparing a critical edition and translation of Manusāra dhammasattha and its nissaya.
  3. Dr Aruna Keerthi Gamage (Philipps University of Marburg) is working on ‘A catalogue of quotations from the Sīhaḷaṭṭhakathās in the Samantapāsādikā and subcommentaries’.
  4. Dr Justin McDaniel is analyzing and translating various Nissaya, Vohāra, and Nāmasadda Manuscripts from Laos and Northern Thailand. He also studies protective Pali Yantras and Mantras from Central Thailand. Contact:
  5. Dr Grace Burford (Prescott College, Arizona, U.S.A.) is researching the life and work of I.B. Horner in order to write a biography of her. She would appreciate to hear from anyone with relevant information and can be contacted through the PTS.
  6. Venerable Udagama Dhammaseeha Thero (Australia) is translating a section of the Papañcasūdanī Pāli MN commentary into English. Contact:
  7. Dr Aleix Ruiz Falqués is working on the Pāli grammatical tradition of Burma and on a critical edition of Chapaṭa Saddhammajotipāla’s Suttaniddesa and Vimalabuddhi’s Nyāsa or Mukhamattadīpanī. He is also working on a translation of Saddhammasiri’s Saddatthabhedacintā
  8. Dr Jnan Nanda (Jnanananda Tanchangya) at the University of Hong Kong is working on “An Annotated Translation of the Sampasadaniya-sutta-vannana”. Contact: