Geiger’s Pāli Grammar


by Wilhelm Geiger ; translated into English by Batakrishna Ghosh ; revised and edited by K.R. Norman, 1994.

Available in both hardback and paperback

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Revised edition by K.R. Norman, 1994

A revised edition of the English translation of the second part of Wilhelm Geiger’s Pāli Literatur und Sprache, originally published in Germany in 1916. The English translation by Batatkrishna Ghosh was first published in India in 1943 as Pāli literature and Language incorporating new material supplied by Geiger himself. This edition of the second part on Pali grammar, revised by K. R. Norman, attempts to meet the needs of both scholars and beginners by providing a convenient and practical one-volume Pali grammar. The dense paragraphs of the original have been separated out and the references updated. It includes an introduction entitled ‘What is Pali?’ by R. F. Gombrich. Includes bibliographical references (pp. xv–xviii) and index.


    • Geiger, Wilhelm (1856–1943)


      • Norman, K. R.
      • Ghosh, Batakrishna
      • Pali Text Society (London, England)

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