Theragāthā & Therīgāthā

The eighth and ninth texts of the Khuddaka-nikāya of the Sutta-piṭaka, these are collections of poems ascribed to elder monks (theras) or nuns (therīs) respectively. Many of the verses are accounts of religious experiences, some of which also achieve a high poetic standard.

ed. (1) H. Oldenberg, (2) R. Pischel, 1883, 2nd edn. 1966 with Appendixes by K.R. Norman and L. Alsdorf, 1990

Translations: Elders’ Verses, Vols. I and IIPsalms of the Early Buddhists; Stances des Thera (French translation); Stances des Therī( French translation); Poems of Early Buddhist Monks (paperback)Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns (paperback).