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List of Conferences, Meetings, and the I.B. Horner Lecture

I.B. Horner Memorial Lectures

Isaline Blew Horner
  1. Richard Gombrich (8 September 1986): “Texts in Use: Pāli in Sinhalese Buddhism”
  2. Steven Collins (7 September 1987): “On the Very Idea of the Pāli Canon”,
    Published in JPTS XV (1990), pp. 90-126
  3. Maurice Walshe (22 September 1989): “Pāli and the Western Buddhist”
  4. Walpola Rahula (20 September 1991): “Pāli Studies in Sri Lanka Today”
  5. Oskar von Hinüber (1 October 1993): “Buddhist Monks and Their Libraries in Northern Thailand: The Beginnings of the Pāli Text Tradition”,
    Published under the title “Chips from Buddhist Workshops: Scribes and Manuscripts from Northern Thailand” JPTS XII (1996), pp. 35-57
  6. Margaret Cone (15 September 1995): “Lexicography, Pāli, and Pāli Lexicography”,
    Published in JPTS XII (1996), pp. 1-34
  7. Nalini Balbir (18 September 1997): “Jainism in Pāli Scriptures”,
    Published under the title “Jain-Buddhist Dialogue: Material from the Pāli Scriptures” in JPTS XXVI (2000), pp. 1-42
  8. Peter Skilling (17 September 1999): “The Tipiṭaka in South-East Asia”
  9. Lance Cousins (14 September 2001): “Sanskrit, Pāli, and Theravāda Buddhism”
  10. Rupert Gethin (19 September 2003):”Mythology and Meditation: From the Mahāsudassana Sutta to the Rāmāyaṇa”,
    Published under the title “Mythology as Meditation: From the Mahāsudassana Sutta to the Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra” in JPTS XXVIII (2005), pp. 63-109
  11. Petra Kieffer-Pülz (16 September 2005): “Stretching the Vinaya Rules and Getting Away with It”,
    Published in JPTS XXIX (2007), pp. 1-49
  12. Richard Salomon (14 September 2007): “The Lives of the Buddhas”
  13. Jonathan Silk (18 September 2009): “Kern and the Study of Indian Buddhism”
    Revised version published in JPTS XXXI (2012), pp. 125-154
  14. Anne Blackburn (16 September 2011): “Textual After-Lives of Scholar Monks in Later Medieval Pali-Land”
  15. Charles Hallisey (20 September 2013): “Pali and World Literature”
  16. Ingo Strauch (18 September 2015): “Gāndhārī, Pāli and the Buddhist ‘Urkanon’. The language(s) of the earliest Buddhist transmission in the light of Buddhist texts from Gandhāra”
  17. Vincent Tournier (29 September 2017): “The Buddha’s Self-ordination: from the Vinaya mātṛkās to the Milindapañha”
  18. Martin Straube (13 September 2019): “Jātakamālās of Āryaśūra and Haribhaṭṭa and the Pāli Jātaka Collection”
  19. Alastair Gornall (23 September 2022): “Conceptualizing the World in Pali Literature”