PTS Research Grants

In keeping with the aim of the Pali Text Society to foster and promote the study of Pāli texts, the Council of the PTS invites applications for PTS Research Grants from suitably qualified persons working in the field of Pāli studies.

Applicants’ research will normally be expected to lead towards material suitable for publication by the PTS, and conditions of any grant awarded will be that the PTS has first option on the publication rights of the research and holds the copyright of any material it publishes.

Applications should be submitted by 28 February and 31 August of each year for consideration by the Council of the PTS in March and September respectively.

Applicants are asked to submit:

    1.  A statement briefly outlining their research project (two A4 pages with an appendix if necessary) clearly stating the purpose of their research, indicating a timetable for its completion, and stating whether they will be working on the project full-time or part-time,
    2.  A CV,
    3.  The names of two academic referees,
    4.  A statement of their financial circumstances. Grants will not normally be awarded to those in fulltime academic employment. Grants may be awarded to cover a period of research (full-time or part-time) up to a maximum of one year, but with a possibility of renewal.

Applications should be sent either by email to or by post to

Pali Text Society
Old Market Studios
68 Old Market Street
Bristol BS2 0EJ