Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. IX (1981)



  • Foreword;
  • Abbreviations;
  • The Theravādins and East India According to the Canonical Texts (André Bareau);
  • The Buddhayāna of Indonesia: A Syncretistic Form of Theravāda (Heinz Bechert);
  • The Paṭṭhāna and the Development of the Theravādin Abhidhamma (L.S. Cousins);
  • A New Theravādin Liturgy (Richard Gombrich);
  • The Ghost Word dvīhitikā and the Descriptions of Famines in Early Buddhist Literature (O. von Hinüber);
  • Keci `Some’ in the Pāli Commentaries (I.B. Horner);
  • Tīrthaṇkara-prakṛti and the Bodhisattva Path (S. Padmanabh Jaini);
  • Fa-hsien and Buddhist Texts in Ceylon (J.W. de Jong);
  • The Philosophy of History in Early Buddhism (D.J. Kalupahana);
  • The Gārava-sutta of the Saṃyutta-Nikāya and its Mahāyānist Developments (Étienne Lamotte);
  • Devas and Adhidevas in Buddhism (K.R. Norman);
  • Humour in Pāli Literature (Walpola Rahula);
  • A Further Note on Pāli gotrabhū (D. Seyfort Ruegg);
  • Pāli Literature in Cambodia (H. Saddhatissa);
  • Some Problems of the Later Pāli Literature (A.K. Warder).
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