Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XV (1990)



  • Nāmacāradīpaka (H. Saddhātissa);
  • Categories of Sutta in the Pāli Nikāyas (Joy Manné);
  • On the Very Idea of the Pali canon (Steven Collins);
  • Khandhakavatta: Loss of Text in the Pāli Vinayapiṭaka? (O. von Hinüber);
  • A Note on Ambapālī’s Wit (Richard Gombrich);
  • Making Mountains Without Molehills: The Case of the Missing Stūpa (Richard Gombrich);
  • Pāli Lexicographical Studies VIII: Seven Pāli Etymologies (K.R. Norman) (= āharitā, chandaso, vāc’-uggata, vyasanna, vyamhita, sīhavasā, Sugata/Tathāgata);
  • Tuṇḍilovāda: An Allegedly Non-Canonical Sutta (Charles Hallisey);
  • Apropos the Pāli Vinaya as a Historical Document: A Reply to Gregory Schopen (Charles Hallisey);
  • A note on Dhammapāla(s) (Peter Jackson).
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