Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XVI (1992)



    • Rūpārūpavibhāga Translation (R.H.B. Exell);
    • Documents Useful for the Identification of Pāli Manuscripts of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand (Jacqueline Filliozat);
    • The Arising of an Offence: Samūṭhāna (O. von Hinüber);
    • The Case of the Murdered Monks (Laurence C.R. Mills);
    • Pāli Lexicographical Studies IX: Four Pāli Etymologies (K.R. Norman) (= kinti, kevala- kappa, sakāya niruttiyā, hevaṃ);
    • The Ritual Obligations and Donor Roles of Monks in the Pāli Vinaya (Gregory Schopen);
    • The Rakṣā Literature of the śrāvakayāna (Peter Skilling).
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