The Group of Discourses


Translation of Suttanipāta

2nd ed., tr. K.R. Norman (with notes), 2001, 2015

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Translation of Suttanipāta

Fifth text of the Khuddaka-nikāya of the Sutta-piṭaka, consisting mainly of verses, apparently compiled from a number of sources.

Two chapters of the Suttanipāta are mentioned by name in other Pāli canonical texts, and the commentary upon them is also included in the canon. It is apparent that this text contains some of the oldest Pāli poetry we possess.

2nd ed., tr. K.R. Norman (with notes), 2001, 2015

Paperback edition (without notes): The Rhinoceros Horn.

Other translation: The Suttanipāta: An Ancient Collection of the Buddha’s Discourses Together with its Commentaries

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