Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XXI (1995)



    • Case Histories from the Pāli Canon I: The Sāmaññaphala Sutta Hypothetical Case History or How To Be Sure To Win a Debate (Joy Manné);
    • Case Histories from the Pāli Canon II: Sotāpanna, sakadāgāmin, anāgāmin, arahat – The Four Stages Case History or Spiritual Materialism and the Need for Tangible Results (Joy Manné);
    • The Nigamanas of the Sumaṇgalavilāsinī and the Kaṇkhāvitaraṇī (O. von Hinüber);
    • Catalogue of the Pāli Manuscript Collection in Burmese and Siamese Characters Kept in the Library of Vijayasundararamaya Asgiriya (Jacqueline Filliozat);
    • The Monk in the Pāli Vinaya: Priest or Wedding Guest? (Richard Gombrich);
    • The Oldest Known Pali texts, 5th-6th Century: Results of the Cambridge Symposium on the Pyu Golden Pali Text from ‘Srī Kṣetra, 18-19 April 1995 (Janice Stargardt);
    • Report of the Pali Text Society for 1994.
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