Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XXIII (1997)



  • Pāli, Pāṇini and ‘Popular’ Sanskrit (Thomas Oberlies);
  • The Paramatthajotikādīpanī: A Fragment of the Sub-Commentary to the
  • Paramatthajotikā II on the Suttanipāta (O. von Hinüber);
  • Buddhist Literature of Lān Nā on the History of Lān Nā’s Buddhism (Hans Penth);
  • On the School-Affiliation of the “Patna Dhammapada” (Peter Skilling);
  • New Pāli Inscriptions from Southeast Asia (Peter Skilling);
  • Sāriputta and His Works (Primoz Pecenko);
  • Index to JPTS volumes IX-XXII.
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Journal of the Pali Text Society: 1997_XXIII

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