Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XXVI (2000)



    • Jain-Buddhist Dialogue: Material from the Pāli Scriptures (Nalini Balbir)
    • The Legend of the Establishment of the Buddhist Order of Nuns in the Theravāda Vinaya-Piṭaka (Ute Huesken)
    • Tuvaṭṭati/tuvaṭṭeti Again (Oskar von Hinüber)
    • Playing with Fire: The pratītyasamutpada from the Perspective of Vedic Thought (Joanna Jurewicz)
    • The Cause of the Buddha’s Death (Mettanando Bhikkhu and Oskar von Hinüber)
    • Lān Nā as a Centre of Pāli Literature During the Late 15th Century (Oskar von Hinüber)
    • Nine Pāli Manuscripts in the Vatican Library (Jacqueline Filliozat)
    • Book Review (Catalogue of the Burmese-Pāli and Burmese Manuscripts in the Library of The Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine) (K.R. Norman)
    • Index of Grammatical Points Discussed in the Notes to Elders’ Verses I (K.R. Norman)
    • Combined Index of K.R. Norman’s Collected Papers I-VII (A. Roock)
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