Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XXXII (2015) (Paperback)



    • Lance Selwyn Cousins, 1942-2015 (RML Gethin)
      L.S. Cousins: Bibliography
    • “And there is this stanza in this connection”: The usage of hoti/honti/bhanvanti c’ etta in Pāli Commentarial Literature (P. Kieffer-Pülz)
    • The h-Future of Pali with Random Notes on “Historical” and “Irregular” Forms (T. Oberlies)
    • A Nobel for the Pali Text Society? T.W. Rhys Davids Writes to the Nobel Commission of the Swedish Academy (ed. Eugen Ciurtin)
    • The Verb *addhabhavati as an Artificial Formation (O. von Hinüber)
    • An Old Colophon Preserved: The Tipitaka of Ñāṇavaṃsa and Sobhaggasiri (O. von Hinüber)
    • A Note on the Mahākammavibhaṅga-sutta and its Commentary (RML Gethin)
    • An Index to JPTS, Volumes IX-XXXII
    • Contributors to this volume
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