Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XXXIII (2018) (Paperback)



    • A History of the Pali Grammatical Tradition of South and Southeast Asia by Vaskaḍuvē Subhūti (1876), Part I (A. Gornall and A. Gunasena)
    • Verses of a Dying Arahant: A New Translation and Revised Edition of the Telakaṭāhagāthā (A. Gornall and A. Ruiz-Falqués)
    • A Note on the Disappearance of the Dhamma According to the Manorathapūraṇī (C. Clark)
    • Two Notes on Pāli Metre (O. von Hinüber)
    • Corrections for the 2016 Edition of Vv-a (P. Kieffer-Pülz)
    • An Index to JPTS, Volumes IX-XXXIII
    • Contributors to this volume
    • PTS Research Grants
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Journal of the Pali Text Society: 2018_XXXIII

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