Journal of the Pali Text Society: Vol. XVIII (1993)



    • Braḥ Māleyyadevattheravatthuṃ (Introduction: Steven Collins; Text: Eugene Denis);
    • The Story of the Elder Māleyyadeva (Steven Collins);
      Nibbānasutta: An Allegedly Non-Canonical Sutta on Nibbāna as a Great City (C. Hallisey);
    • Pāli Manuscripts of Sri Lanka in the Cambridge University Library (J. Liyanaratne);
    • Pāli Lexicographical Studies XI: Six Pāli Etymologies (K.R. Norman) (= kaḍḍhati, tiracchānakathā, pacchābandha, mātaṇg’arañña, widha, seṭṭhi);
    • A Citation from the *Buddhavaṃsa of the Abhayagiri School (P. Skilling);
    • Index to JPTS volumes IX-XVIII (K.R. Norman).
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Journal of the Pali Text Society: 1993_XVIII

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